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Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 20:21

I'm using an Opencockpits Multiradio module as my main communication device until the pedestal is completed.


Put simply, it is a stand-alone USB radio controller that controls:

  1. Com radio 1
  2. Com radio 2
  3. Nav radio 1
  4. Nav radio 2
  5. ADF 1
  6. ADF 2
  7. Transponder

In the near future, you will be able to use the ADF 2 to control the OBS values. After you assemble it (unless you chicken out and order a ready built one), just plug it into a free USB slot and start the control program. The program lets you control the brightness of the thing. It can be minimized to the tray (to the left of the clock on the Start line).

To the left is all the parts (click for larger image) included in the kit. To the right, I've included a close-up of the light plate.

Oh, and did I mention that it comes with integrated backlighting? The Boeing style knob is however not a part of the kit. That's my personal touch!

So, how does it work?

The rotary selector (the right one, which I fitted with a Boeing style knob) selects which radio which is currently displayed.

For the NAV and COM radios, the left rotary controls whole numbers while the right encoder controls the digits. To swap the STANDBY and the ACTIVE frequencies, just press one of the rotaries.

For the ADF's and the transponder, the right rotary encoder controls the digit currently being altered. The left rotary encoder controls which digit to alter. To squawk 2381, select XPDR and turn the right encoder until the display reads 2XXX. Then rotate the left encoder one click clockwise. Now you can turn the right encoder till the display reads 23XX. Repeat until the STANDBY window reads 2381. To make the transponder code active, just press either one of the encoders.

Is it worth the money? YEP! It is an ideal solution to give you control over your radios dirt cheap. But you really should get that pedestal though...

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